McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

$52.20 $47.20

  • CAD: C$66.29



McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is delivered as a service. There are no system requirements; simply redirect your web traffic through the service.


Web Filtering


Sophisticated web technologies analyze the nature, intent, and behavior of a web page’s active content. Proactively protects your entire network (even roaming users) against unknown malware, phishing sites, and fast-changing cyber attacks. It’s continuously updated through the cloud, so your protection will never go outdated. Viruses. Trojans. Spyware. Adware. We stop them all. Our technology automatically detects and blocks malware, even unknown threats, in real time, before it reaches your business.


Site Blocking

Neutralizes spyware before it takes root and spreads. Blocks, detects and removes malicious software that covertly collects information or displays unwanted advertisements. Block websites that contain malicious or unwanted content such as phishing sites or online gambling.

URL Filtering

Web Application Control

Control access to any category of website based on company policy. Enables in-depth control over web applications and their individual features, such as social media or file sharing sites.