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Overview of McAfee Products

McAfee® is a company that provides antivirus software and virus protection to anyone who is willing to shell out the dough. They offer a wide array of products, from protection for your mobile devices and computer to protection for your business. They are dedicated to protecting you and your family from viruses, identity theft, and worse.

There are many dangers on the internet, and the aim of this software is to protect you from them. Scammers and hackers love to prey on those with an unprotected connection, stealing their identities and emptying their bank accounts of all of their hard-earned money. Computers are like people, they get sick sometimes, and when they do, you need to medicate them. McAfee is just one brand of medicine that you can buy for them.

  • McAfee® Products

1. McAfee® LiveSafe

The first of their products is McAfee® LiveSafe, which they describe as the ultimate protection for all of your devices. With this, you get virus protection for an unlimited number of devices, safe web browsing, free customer support, file encryption, and McAfee®’s password manager app.

2. McAfee® Mobile Security

The next type of protection that they offer is mobile protection. They offer coverage for both Android and Apple phones and tablets. This package gives you virus protection, anti-theft, privacy protection, and boosts your device’s performance.

3. McAfee® Safe Family

They also offer their Safe Family plan, which is intended to keep your kids safe when browsing. It allows you to do many other things that the other plans do not. With this plan, you can track your child’s location, block apps, set hours for the device to run, block websites, monitor activity, and family alerts, so you know when your kids break a rule.

4. McAfee® Secure Home Platform

The Secure Home plan is just a regular protection plan, but it affects every device on your home network. It protects the devices it is installed on from viruses and other questionable programs. This plan is ideal if you have many people with devices of their own living in your home.

5. McAfee® TechCheck

They also have a free option for detecting viruses. The McAfee® TechCheck is one hundred percent free and allows you to scan your device for issues, which you can treat however you choose. It is important to check your system regularly. You won’t always be able to tell that you have a virus, so you have to check to see sometimes. Often, the virus will only present itself as a small dip in performance. If you experience any dip, then you should not ignore it. Check to be safe.

6. Virus Removal

If the TechCheck finds anything, you can use the Virus Removal Service that they offer. This is completely done professionally and remotely, so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Once your PC is cleaned and secured, you will have the opportunity to get your money back for 30 days if you are not satisfied.

7. McAfee® Safe Connect

For free, you get up to 250 MB of secure connection per month. This will prevent you from getting any unwanted viruses or bugs while browsing, as well as allow you to browse the internet from other countries anywhere in the world.

8. McAfee® Identity Theft Protection

It is very important to protect your identity when using the internet. This service offers SSN and credit card tracing and monitoring, lost wallet support, 24-hour agents available to help you, and helps you recover what’s yours. McAfee® offers a standard, plus, and premium version of this package.

9. McAfee® TechMaster PC Tune-up

If your computer is running slowly, then you can use this to optimize its performance. A professional will analyze whatever problems you are having and fix whatever needs fixing so that you receive optimal performance. They will remove files you don’t want, stop unnecessary apps from running, free up disk space by deleting junk files, optimize your browser, and schedule automatic checks and updates to keep your PC running smoothly.

10. McAfee® TechMaster Concierge Services

With this package, you can have a tech master at you beckon call at any time. The premium package covers one PC and up to 4 devices. They will fix and optimize your devices any time you need them to. They will also help you set up your network and troubleshoot any problems you are having. In addition, they will help you with software installation, and will basically help you out with any problem you could have.

11. McAfee® Small Business Security

McAfee® doesn’t just offer help for households, if you have a business of your own, they may be right for you as well. They will set up comprehensive security for your business. They offer multi-device protection, help with your licensing, comprehensive security, and they make it as easy to manage as possible for you.

12. McAfee® Web Advisor

This free service offers misclick protection, typo protection makes your downloads safer, and will scan your firewall to ensure that your browser is secure while you use it and while you are away.

13. McAfee® Total Protection

Last but not least is the quintessential McAfee® package, Total Protection. As the name suggests, this package is meant to protect you totally. It helps block viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and any other unwanted programs on your desktop or laptop The file lock offered stores your files behind an encryption and a password.

McAfee® Total Protection has the following features.

  • 1. Safe web Browsing: McAfee® webadvisor will tell you if the web page you browse is secure or not and prevents dangerous downloads and phishing attacks.
  • 2. Free Support: It also offers free 24-hour support, so if you have any issues, you can get help whenever you need it.
  • 3. Multi Device: You can manage protection for all your devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet from an easy to use webpage
  • 4. Password Manager: The password manager makes keeping your passwords secure much easier, in addition to removing some of the hassles of keeping up with them.
  • 5. File Lock: The file lock offered stores your files behind an encryption and a password.